About me- travelling around the world

I’m Brian. I’m really lucky to spend my life the way I want to. I’m travelling around the world ( but mainly in Europe). Beware of my. I’ll check whether your driver is late. If the hotel room is crystal clear. If the food you serve me is fresh and delicious. And the place has all the standards it should. If you offer everything which was included in prize. I’m a critical tester, demanding mysterious client. You are not expecting me. You will never know I’m checking all your services. It’s extremely difficult to satisfy me. Even if the rest of the group thinks everything was perfect.

I’m travelling around the Europe. Staying in different hotels. Those best ones and smaller. I’m booking the trips. Eating in hotel restaurants and in the city. Trying delicious drinks. Yeah. Sounds like good life. It is good indeed.

Travelling around the world

Yes, it's me!
Me travelling around the world. Here having fun in hotel’s pool.

I always wanted to see the world. Meet new people. Their cultures, cuisine, customs, traditions, beliefs. All the places seem to be interesting for me. I love both active time spending and lazy sunbathing. Living my life is my passion. I always demanded from myself. And I demand from others. Which makes me perfect mysterious client. People think I’m sleeping. But I’m carefully watching everything around. With my dark sun glasses I may do my job while swimming in the hotel’s pool. Or riding towards unknown destinations. Do you have many positive comments? 5 stars ratings? Let me check, won’t you? If you take care about your client you have nothing to fear. I have seen more than 30 European countries. My plan is to see them all. I was already in Venice, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Krakow and Auschwitz. There is nothing I wouldn’t eat. Or a place I wouldn’t enter. Because I have seen thousands companies I can easily compare you and I know what to expect. The crossbar is high!